Anonymous & Encrypted

Every transaction done with Robot goes trough the perfect privacy VPN and TOR with AES-256 Encryption.


Our smart API gives fast response in seconds and allow fast reactions of the takers of Robot.

No fees

No Fees, because we use IOTA as the backbone of our services, The VPN and other services are getting paid with the ICO.


Robot ICO

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Release on other Exchanges

We are already in contact with bigger exchanges to list the Robot ERC20-Token, it's incredibly easy for them to implement a ERC20 token in their exchange.


Release of the Robot Platform

This Platform will allow users and Shop owners to make fast payments with Robot, as an example like PayPal.


Release of the Robot API

This API allows Developers to make Extensions and use Robot in their applications easily.


Shop Extensions for Wordpress, NopCommerce...

The Extensions can be used easy by Shop owners to add Robot as a payment option with just one click and no developer experience.


Real life use cases in switzerland

Our partnerships with different CBD vendors will be announced after everything is ready. More will follow.


Release of Robot X

Release of the decentralised payment network Robot X.

Meet our team

We are a group of skilled and experienced individuals and all members of our team are located in Switzerland.

ICO Countdown


Robot (RBT)

  • 31337 ETH ICO (~8'000'000 - 10'000'000 USD)
  • 100 Million (100,000,000) Token Supply
  • Ethereum ERC20 Token
pre-ICO (30% Bonus)
1337 ETH
4 000 000 RBT
ICO (20% Bonus)
3337 ETH
10 000 000 RBT
ICO (10% Bonus)
13337 ETH
30 000 000 RBT
31337 ETH
76 000 000 RBT

ICO Distribution

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  • 1337 ETH pre-ICO
  • 3000 RBT per ETH
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